The goal of Ecobioshopping is to give everyone a chance to use environmentally friendly products widely available throughout the territory.
They are accessible in a wide range, they are affordable and have a well-balanced relationship quality-price.

All our products are strictly eco-friendly and preserve the environment. They can be used for catering (professional and non-professional one), organization of public or individual events and they are perfect for in-house use.

We offer a careful selection of disposable dishware and ancillary products whose materials are completely biodegradable and compostable.

Our products are characterized by the use of certified raw materials and they are suitable for contact with food. They use environmentally friendly and renewable raw materials with a reduced or zero environmental impact and in particular:

  • natural starch-derived bioplastics and other crops-cellulose pulp derived from sugar cane fiber and bamboo (spontaneous growth)
  • palm leaves (naturally fallen)
  • wood of birch and Poplar

Our proposal is completed with a wide range of napkins, placemats, tablecloth rolls and machine glazed papers format made of pure cellulose and regenerated cellulose and cellulose wadding: all raw materials are biodegradable. The inks are water based, suitable to classify the product as biodegradable and compostable.

We offer an alternative to traditional ecological and responsible disposable plastic ware and tableware made of synthetics and polymers derived from processing of plastics.
The invitation made from Eco Bio Shopping is: everyone around the table with NATURE.

We have joined the Project Zero Web Impact. Despite having already done much to reduce CO2 emissions, we are aware of the fact that also the internet pollutes. According to a Greenpeace report, with the rate of growth in 2020, today's data centers and telecommunication networks will consume about 2,000 billion kilowatt/hour of electricity, more than triple their current consumption. That's why our site has decided to join the Zero Impact Web project and do its part to fight against global warming. Emissions resulting from your visits will be compensated through the creation and protection of growing forests and above all we will let you browse through these pages in full tranquillity! Emissions generated by this site are compensated by creating and protecting forests growing in Costa Rica.