• Transparent PLA food container

    Bioplastic food container. Ideal for cold rice and pasta, cold dishes in general. Suitable only for cool products.

  • Wooden cutlery

    Sturdy and of attractive appearance, suitable for all occasions, full meals, buffets, catering and for take away. 

  • Biodegradable masks
    Biodegradable Protective Masks 
  • sanitizers and detergents
    A complete range of products for hygiene and sanitization
  • Solid cardboard hot combined with bioplastic film

    White cup made of solid cardboard hot combined with bioplastic film. Suitable for coffee and tasting. For hot and could beverages. 

  • Bioplastic cup. Only for could and slightly warm beverages.

    It has an excellent degree of transparency and brightness. It keeps the organoleptic characteristics of the product and it doesn't alter its taste and flavor. 

  • In palm leaf, it has a particular and unique appearance.

    Palm leaf tableware are typically used in special events like historical reenactments, for packaging dried foods, baked goods, cheeses, and in all those cases where you want the service is truly unique.

  • Traditional big round plate in sugar cane fibre.

    Sturdy, suitable to contain liquid food. It is completely biodegradable and compostable .

  • Wooden Stick
  • Plate in sugar cane fibre

    This environmentally friendly product, for sale on Ecobioshopping, can still be recycled in the container of recycling paper.

  • Traditional round plate in sugar cane fibre

    Sturdy, suitable to contain liquid food. It is a completely biodegradable and compostable product 

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Ntc S.r.l.
Bicchiere professional in pla 200-250 ml
Ottimo articolo sia per qualità che per prezzo.
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Grazie per la recensione positiva del nostro prodotto.
Anna C.
Piccolo ordine, arrivato subito! che dire? bravi.
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Grazie per la sua valutazione.
Soc. Agr. La Lenticchia S.s.
Ordine 15155
Ottimi prodotti
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Grazie per la vostra recensione.
Az. Agraria Perda Rubia
Migliori, perché?
Nella rapidità della fornitura coincidono perfettamente le componenti essenziali: necessità tempestività fruizione.
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Grazie Sig. Mereu, sempre molto gentile. Ottimo cliente.
La Cantina Dove Noi...snc
Zona rossa
Non assegno le 5 stelle perchè mancano le posate bianche......
per il resto in 26 ore la consegna precisa !! più che promossi...
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Grazie per la valutazione, cerchiamo di proporre ai nostri clienti sempre un'alternativa di qualità. Appena saranno...

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